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Classic Piano Artist | Julie Rand | Romantic Music


I write classical/romantic music for piano, violin, and cello, as well as musical theater vocal music. My music is melodic and accessible, with each composition telling a story about the different aspects of love.


Here are some of my pieces as a preview, while these streaming sites have most of my recordings:

Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube, Deezer, Amazon and Pandora.

Another Lifetime
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Return of the Romantic
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I am a composer of easy listening classical/romantic piano music.

After many years away from the piano, I began to have recurring music dreams with rich and beautiful images and melodies. Eventually, I found myself at the piano again, translating all the emotions I was feeling during a turbulent period of my life, into music I could share with others.


Each piece of music tells a story, with the common themes being longing, loss, and love.

I am deeply appreciative of your interest in my music. The links above take you where you can find my recorded compositions. 


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